It costs over $71,000 just to keep a spinal cord injury survivor alive and that does not include the many scientific treatments, training and specialized therapy that is needed if they are ever to walk again. Your help is needed.

Your donation will help Kenny and others like him achieve great things! Any amount is appreciated. Donations as small as $5.00 can make a difference. Of course if you are led to donate more, that is great too.


Just know that we appreciate whatever it is that you have in your heart to give to a great cause. Some amazing things have been made possible with your generous, tax deductible donations. 


On behalf of Kenny and his family, we would like to thank you for helping to fund his stem cell therapy, his training sessions as well as his daily care. You will never know the how much your support means.

Each year Finish Strong Foundation picks a survivor of a spinal cord injury to sponsor along with Kenny.


Last year Finish Strong sponsored spinal cord injury survivor, Davin Burns.  Davin suffered the same injury as Kenny about three years ago now and is currently working hard at recovery. See Davin's story here.

For 2017, Finish Strong Foundation is sponsoring Paul Kocina. Paul is a military vet who was involved in a motorcycle accident shortly after returning from Iraq, suffering a spinal cord injury. Read all about Paul and his recovery progress here.

Please click the DONATE button below to start to make a difference in the lives of Kenny, Davin, Paul and other spinal cord injury survivors today!



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