Davin Burns

Davin & Girlfriend Jordyn

Meet Davin Burns. Davin was injured while riding his dirt bike at Perris Raceway in California. Davin flipped over his handlebars, just like Kenny had years earlier, as Davin laid there he realized that he was unable to get up.  Davin had suffered a C5 spinal cord injury as well as broken ribs and a damaged spleen.


The first hours after a spinal cord injury, or SCI, can be life threatening and it certainly was for Davin. This hardworking young man is a fighter though. He is currently in his 3rd year of recovery.


Finish Strong is proud to support Davin and others like him. Davin's story is so very similar to Kenny's. Same track, same injury and the same battle to walk again.


Please help us continue to help Davin, our 2016 Finish Strong recipient as well as our 2017 recipient Paul Kocina

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